30 Before 30


Today is the 20th of December. This time next year I will be turning 30. I honestly can not wait to be 30, i’ve always looked at thirty like that cool age where certain life milestones such has dream job, marriage and babies are accomplished or you’re working towards it. I look at a person’s 20s as the decade of trials and errors, where you’re allowed to make a mistake more than twice as well as discover yourself. Whereas the 30s come across to me as a stage where you learn from your past mistakes and the mistakes of others. At thirty there should be a sense of order, direction and purpose.

The reality is, there is no such thing as a timeline when it comes to lifes milestones, we can plan one thing and the  opposite happens. The risk is, these social exceptions usually place unnecessary pressure on us. You can never fully discover yourself in your 20s and if you spend your time trying to pursue only a dream job, marriage and babies, You’ll be missing out on life’s adventures.

Looking back on my 20s, i can’t really say i’v missed out on the adventures of life, Yes i had my babies and marriage early but i also traveled to Europe twice, Africa, Asia and started my own business. But there are a few things that i haven’t done, simply because of fear, negligence or it didn’t cross my mind.  Here is my 30 before 30 list that i would like to accomplish in the next 12 months.

I’m so excited about my 30before30 list, but most importantly i’m particularly excited to see how much of improvement and change is going to take place this time next year.

I will be posting a blog about each of them as soon as i accomplish each one, they are not in any particular order. Let me know what you think about my list, and if you have any comments, ideas, suggestions or tips that you would like to share with me, please do so.



  1. Bungee Jumping:  This one has already been ticked off, i was in South Africa October this year and bungee jumping was on my to do list in Soweto. I’ve always told myself that i wasn’t afraid of heights, bungee jumping was the best way to find out. Blog coming soon.25555554_1807458739326837_1354727219_n.jpg
  2. Helicopter Ride: As a kid i loved helicopters, i used to find them fascinating. But I never got a chance to fly in one.  This one here was for my young self sake. And i took my kids to experience it with me. Blog coming soon..b.jpg
  3. Hiking: During my trip to Europe and Africa this year, i visited beautiful mountains, one of them was Gods Window in Mpumalanga, but i didn’t get a chance to go hiking.  Currently searching for places in Victoria, so if you have good suggestion please share with me.hiki.jpg
  4. Winery Tour: In my early twenty’s wine was like my water, but i never though of visiting a winery, although i’m not big on drinking wine anymore, this still needs to be ticked off the list for old times’ sake.                                         winery tour
  5. Horse Riding on the beach: This was just one of those long time fantasy and i thought why not just make it happen.  horsebackriding
  6.  Harbour Bridge Climb: This is me just exploring the beauty of Australia and i love heights. I’ll be in Sydney March next year, it would be a great opportunity to make it happen.  bridge-climb5a.jpg
  7. Uluru Camel Tour: Its funny how we’re so quick to travel overseas to visit breath taking places and we don’t even take the time to visit whats right under our nose. Next year i want to just explore Australia.8473523_orig.jpg
  8. Get a Bike and cycle often: OK, so i never had i bike of my own. i used to ride my younger brothers bike as a child, and i only did it on our court and backyard, i used to have a fear of riding in the street and on the roads. I’ve asked my dad to buy me a bike for my birthday, i reminded him that he has never bought me one my whole life. I’m challenging myself to ride in the streets and the city. vintage-ladies-classic-plus-ac9.jpg
  9. Learn to roller skate: I’ve never wanted to try rollerskating, again fear had the best of me. Recently I went with my kids and siblings, i had so much fun but what really changed my mind was my 6 year old son, he wouldn’t join us, he was afraid therefore he just set back and watched us skate. It reminded me of myself and i don’t want him missing out on all the fun like I did.download.jpg
  10. Learn to swim properly: They say Black people can’t swim, that’s a lie lol it all boils down to how determined you are. I started my lessons in year 7, and when I moved school my lessons stopped and I never followed up anymore, I know how to save myself and that’s about it lol. My husband and kids love swimming and its not cool for mammy to be the odd one out.  sunset-swimming-pool-vesuvius_1454009970.jpg
  11. Learn a New language: I chose Xhosa because it’s my husband’s native language, and we are currently learning each others language so our kids can have the best of both world.unnamed.png
  12. Learn how to play a guitar: Back in 2012 I bought an acoustic guitar, I attended four professional lessons and than I stopped. I had a vision but i didn’t have the passion for it. Now I’ve got both vision and passion and i’m ready to learn. 3395932_R_Z002A_UC17606898.jpg
  13. Learn how to drive a manual car: I’m going to admit, this one is probably going to be the most challenging one for me. I started learning how to drive with a manual car and i just never got it, I always feared that the car would stop in the middle of traffic and ill cause a massive accident. Just the thought of even trying is very terrifying. But I really want to face my fears.2017-Ford-Mustang-Manual-Transmission-6-speed-shifter.jpg
  14. Go Fishing: Just because, no story line attached. I just want to be able to say I went fishing.night-fishing-1070_0.jpg
  15. Go to the Shooting rage: Who doesn’t want to shoot a real gun? It’s always been on my list and i’m ready to knock it down.banner-imgfaf0.jpg
  16. Hot air balloon: This one is probably one of my favorite, I’ve dreamed about it for such a long time and I can not wait to see it happening.stuffyoushouldknow-podcasts-wp-content-uploads-sites-16-2015-08-hotairballoons600x350.jpg
  17. Read the chronicles of Narnia: My childhood favorite. I’ve read all the books, I’ve watched the movies, oh and i even went to the theater (Arts Center ) to watch a live show, I was such a huge fan as a kid, I still am. But i haven’t read it as an adult, so I thought why not explore the worlds of Narnia again. While I was on my holiday in South Africa, I found a second hand copy of the whole collection for only $20. I Couldn’t have been more happier .                                        $_75.JPG
  18. Find a spiritual mentor: I don’t know where to start with finding a spiritual mentor. I’m just going to leave it up to God, He knows what’s best for me. But I really need one ASAP. iStock_000085831839_Medium-778x518.jpg
  19. Run for a cause: Every time one of those runs will pop up on my facebook I’ve always told myself that I will participate, next minute it has come and gone and I didn’t even attend. So i’m going to research a good run and join without an excuse.melbourne marathon.jpg
  20. Mission work/Volunteer at Northern Territory: I’m so passionate about mission work, all I want to do is move overseas for a year just working as a volunteer. But why start overseas when there’s work to be done here at home. I’m hopping to go up there for a week or so and giveback with all that i have.NT.jpg
  21. Business: I want to expand my business, explore workshop possibilities as well as trying different business ventures.   CHAYA-logo1.png
  22. Fruit Picking: When I was thinking about my first job, fruit picking was one of them. I just did not know how to go about applying for one, plus I knew my parents wouldn’t allow it. I still want to experience what it is like to go fruit picking. I’ll probably take my whole family on this one. week7-2.jpg
  23. Attend the Australian Open: This is embarrassing, it happens every year right in my city and I’ve never attended. Ps, I’ve looked up tickets and they are so expensive, not sure if i was looking at the right ones. But next month ill be definitely going for the very first time. laver-arena.jpg
  24. Attend Melbourne Cup: Another embarrassing one. With this one I’ve planned it so many times and it just never happens. I just have to make sure that next year NOVEMBER, nothing stops me.                                     images
  25. Health and Well-being: As I grow older I want to maintain a balance between my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. To ensure that I retain the child within by exercising and staying limber.Health500.jpg
  26. Great wall of China: This has been on my list for a very long time, unfortunately last time I was in China i run out of time, so china I’m coming at you again.1200px-The_Great_Wall_of_China_at_Jinshanling-edit.jpg
  27. Attend a work out retreat: This is me pushing myself out of my comfortable zone, I hate working out in public, It feels like everyone is watching me. So i’m challenging myself to join a work out team and attend a retreat once i’m fully comfortable.Chiva-Som_kickboxing-class_Blog_Header.jpg
  28. Spend a night at the beach: I’ve seen this done in the romantic movies, and “I’m like why can’t it happen to me ?? ” Spend-Night-Beach.jpg
  29. Change my last name: legally I still carry my father’s name. I need to get all the paper work done before I turn 30.can-you-change-your-legal-name-to-just-have-a-first-or-last-passport-form-ds-uk-sri-lanka-82-after-marriage-india-australia-5504-canada-online-11-1048x699
  30. Sky Diving: As long as I can remember, sky diving was always on my mind, but fear was not too far as well. After bungee jumping i was so thrilled and I felt like I can do anything, all I wanted to do is to top up my experience. When this is all accomplished, ZERO fear will be left in me. tandem-skydiving-busselton-western-australia.jpg