Confession for today.

There is no better way than starting your day with a positive note.

I always start my morning with meditation and prayer, but there are days that i wake up late and rush out without my morning routine.

Here is what i call a back-up prayer/ daily confession. Something i do when i’m out of time but still fulfills me.

It was given to me by my father. And now i’m sharing it with you. Hoping that this too can fulfill you.

Confession for today.

Father God, i pray over every meeting, conversation and activity i engage in today, I pray that all my steps be ordered by you, that my heart and mind always respond in obedience to your directions. I pray that i choose the way of righteousness when faced with many path of judgement, that i will always fulfill your priorities and never allow my flash to detect my action or attitude. this day, i do all things to the glory of God and i’m fruitful in every good work. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

There is  power in the words we speak. Ill encourage you to print it out and stick it somewhere visible. Confess it daily and start your day right.

Bee Loko